Scrappy Valentine’s Wreath


I've been working on pieces for our Crafty Book Club.  Monday night I roamed around Hobby Lobby, then Goodwill, JoAnn Fabrics and the dollar rack at Target looking for supplies.  I was on a mission.  Big time.  I saw so many cool new craft supplies…if only I could buy time in the day.  I feel the same way when I browse through the book store.  So many good books!


These Floracraft Styrofoam hearts caught my eye at Joann Fabrics.  Does anyone out there still decorate for St. Valentine's Day?  What do you do? 


Hobby Lobby had 30% off some of their fabric so me and the fabric lady picked out four prints.  And can I just say how much I love nice fabric ladies?  Happy to cut 1/4 yard pieces from four different bolts!  I zipped them into 1/2 inch-ish strips with my rotary cutter and mat and away I went tying and cutting all……the……way…..around the heart.  Whew.  Ok, I was drinking Sleepy Time tea which I'm positive slowed down my pace….and…..I did watch two documentaries on Netflix while knotting.  I Like Killing Flies and then Pressure Cooker.  Both excellent and inspiring even if you have no dreams of going into the restaurant biz.


Here you have it!  A shaggy, raggedy, heart wreath!  I have a few little tweets, I mean tweaks yet to do today.  You'll see!


  1. I anticipate many birds.

  2. Your wreath is wonderful!
    I have your book and love it! Just found your blog a week or so ago…not sure why it took me so long, lol.
    I saw your post that included the Elephant Ear Cheescake and it looked heavenly. I am making it tomorrow for a get-together at the neighbors house.

  3. Thanks gals!
    Cristi, Hello! You’re right on time in finding my blog. I pretty much stopped blogging for over a year! Tell me what you think of the Cheesecake. Thanks for the note!

  4. Paula Carr says

    That turned out super cute! I was trying to find those styro wreaths…where in Joann’s did you find them? and Yes I decorate for Valentines!

  5. That is a very pretty wreath. I might just have to try one!!!
    Maybe a project for our girls night out at church!

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