Simple Sunday…

It was a hectic weekend to say the least.  I stayed up late, caught up with friends and worked on a couple projects.  The first is an old door I'm converting into a shelf.  I've got it painted and now it's ready to hang.  I'll show you pictures once that's done because it was virtually made from nothing.  I like rolling like that.  The earring picture is something from the Candie-chives….let's call them, "Dreaming of Spring."  I say that because my toes are freezing and I'm wearing a scarf as I write to you.  But, we will make it through winter because we always do!  A couple dear friends came to visit this morning and so I whipped up some French Toast (and by the way, any time I say "french toast" it makes me think of the line in 40 Year Old Virgin-"I'm starving. Let's get some Freeeench toast!")  The recipe worked out perfectly if you want to give it a go.  I put a splash of blueberries with it.  Oh yeah.  Good stuff!  The latter part of the day I started going through my fabric stash to start a new quilt for me.  I find consistently I'm attracted to scrappy quilts so I've chosen the no pressure "Country Fair" pattern.  I've also heard it called a "snowball".  Seems appropriate.  You can see a picture and get your own pattern on this website.  I'm off to read for a bit—Catcher in the Rye.  Have you read it?

**For you locals, you can get quilt patterns at Nancy Js or Creative Stitch in North Manchester.  Wink.

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