Smells so good!


Oh my gosh…  I picked up some ZUM Frankincense and Myrrh oil the other day from a friend's shop and it is the best!  I put some on my work bench and in the bathroom and now the whole cabin has that nice, spicy, earthy, awesome smell.  Having it on my workbench also seems to relieve a little tension….kind of like playing mellow music while you work.  It smells so good you kinda want to smather it on your temples and arms and toes. I've compromised by putting a drop in my unscented hand cream and that worked nicely.  Essential oils.  Truly essential.  Check out the Indigo Wild shop here.  I think you are going to love it!

P.S.  They were right about the reed sticks…put them where air circulates (not on a bookshelf or something like that). 

*For all you beautiful Wabash people, you can get it at the Body Connection!  Holler.

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