This weekend was pretty chill for the most part.  I went to a party with friends Friday night and celebrated my mom's 57th birthday Saturday night.  Somewhere in the middle I filmed a little video for Plaid (more on that later).  And yesterday I went to a sweet little baby shower.  Now that I recall all that, I guess it was pretty busy.  But, it felt pretty laid back!  How does that happen?  Rocky and I hiked both days and both days we were extremely grateful for the sun shining on the glittery snow.  It was 8 degrees, so I packed a thermos of coffee to keep my core warm, but everything was so bright and overwhelmingly beautiful I didn't notice being cold.  Mind over matter?  I think.

The pictures were taken with the Hipstamatic iPhone app.  Check out the Flickr group here. I'm in love with all the combinations.  Will I even haul my big camera around anymore?  

If you are a foodie, I think you may love this blog as much as I do.  I just stumbled on it and it's full of sweet ideas!  Sweet!

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