We're all molecules bouncing off each other and it is encounters like this one that left a mark on me.  I hiked through this tunnel almost two years ago now.  It was filled with graffiti and completely overwhelming with layers and layers of color, lines and texture.  From words that I have no idea the meaning to a bird flying on scribbles—I loved it all!  This past year I rediscovered my love of painting and hope to do even more of it after January.  My work is all abstract and so far in jewelry form so that leaves it pretty tiny, but I have hopes of getting brave and painting on a larger scale.  It is images like this that can wind their way into our lives and our work without us even knowing it….I had forgotten all about these shots until I was going through pictures last night.  

Photo 385

Photo 386

Photo 388

Photo 390

Photo 391

Photo 392

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