Another Spoonful…

Spoons 1 (Small) 
of sweetness!  Spoon pendants.  I make and sell these like crazy!  I've even had people give me some vintage family silverware to make special pendants for them.  A version of this project was first published back in 2005 in Simply Beads magazine by me.  Ah!  I found a picture!  Here it is…

Spoons 3 (Small) 
It's always fun to visit my "old self", traveling back in time through my creations.  Strange and happy to see how I've grown and changed—I find this can happen with art, recipes, fashion (oh Lord, does it happen with fashion!). Our tastes change… I've always loved nostalgia, but now I want the antiqued chain, with delicate brass parts and wrapped wire loops, contrasting textures and layers to make it interesting.  I'm still the same…but not.

Spoons 2 (Small)

These are simple to make.  I've shown my metalworking students and told a few (smarty) husbands who help their bead lover wives how to dismantle a spoon in seconds!  Here's how:

Cut the spoon handle off with a jewelers saw (or hack-saw even!).  File the end so it kind of arches.
 Use a center punch and #55 drill bit and drill front to back.  De-burr around the hole with sand paper and touch up the curved top of the pendant too.  Now you have an instant pendant that you can leave alone or bead up one side and down the other…

*On a side note, I use Beadalon's silver plated chain dipped in Liver of Sulphur to hang my spoon necklaces on.  


  1. I have spoons but no tools! A trip to the hardware store is In Order. Or maybe we could swap knits for spoon handle pendant…

  2. Beautiful!

  3. P.S.
    I love these!

  4. Love that project! Lovely.

  5. Hi, I found you today on and linked over, of course, after reading your story. Here’s the great thing, I just got some silver at a thrift store and I was going to use them to make curtain tie-back, hammer and bend, then drill. Now I’m thinking maybe not…
    Loved your story!
    xo, Candylei

  6. These are so beautiful! It looks like a fun project for adding embellishments like beads, stamped tags, charms, etc. Would these spoon handles be too heavy for earrings?

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