Simply Charming…

Stephs bracelet 1 (Small) 
They are on my top ten favorite things to make list, amongst my gram's blueberry muffin recipe, valentines, smoothies and such……  Charm bracelets.  I love them.

Stephs bracelet 2 (Small) 
This was a custom order for a friend's daughter—a surprise birthday gift!  Which makes it that much sweeter.  She collected odds and ends from her jewelry box to incorporate into it.  Old charm bracelets, buttons, beads, photos, clip-on earrings, pendants…  I asked about her hobbies so I knew what extra charms to add.

Stephs bracelet 3JPG (Small)
Photos were reduced on a color copier and then placed in pretty frames.  I used Plaid's, Mod Podge followed with a layer of Dimensional Magic. 

Stephs bracelet 4 (Small) 
I've said it before on this blog….anything goes on a charm bracelet.  Choose your bracelet, and one or two colors that will run through it—this is what makes all those random pieces go together, lay out the pieces and then start linking! 


  1. Love it!

  2. Wow wow wow! Love it.

  3. SURPRISE!!!it’s me!!!…I love your bracelet!! You need a set of plastic teeth on it though..hahahaha

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