Crafting with the Lovely Ladies…

Stuff 2388 (Small)

Really.  Is there anything better than sorting through a pile of buttons…finding the perfect ones?  And with friends at that!

Stuff 2396 (Small)

Back in the Fall (I'll be catching up blog posts for the rest of my life) I did a program at the local ladies club.  Woo, did we have some fun whippin' up these bookmarks!  I'm certain most of you have the ingredients to make these in your crafty cupboard—ribbons, buttons, and hot glue.  I also had silk leaves, felt flowers and such for layering.  You can click the pic to enlarge it for details.

Stuff 2384 (Small) 

The green trays had everything needed to make the bookmarks—great because you can prep them with materials before hand and then put them out on demand.  I learned that from my supervising teacher when I did my student teaching.

Stuff 2393 (Small) 

I also showed how to attach beaded dangles using the ribbon end findings.  The bookmark on the left is my friend Susan's—love how she had beaded dangles and buttons.

Stuff 2386 (Small) 

You can make 3 or 4 in about 10 minutes (or close to).  This is another dandy Mother's day gift especially to go in a special book.


  1. Hey I love your blog. I actually found out about it from margot potter and I just loved your site. BUT I am one of those people who reads the blogs every day! and you have not written anything at all since april 25th and I enjoy reading blogs but you havent written anything!

  2. Your work is wonderful! I found your site from the book 50 Nifty Beaded Cards today. I don’t bead much but it was still very inspirational.

  3. I adore these book marks! Not that I get a chance to read sadly. However I have a bunch of those silver findings on the ends that I bought to use on chocker necklaces and never did so they would be perfect for dangling beads on book marks.

  4. What a lovely way to spend the day! Best of luck to you always!

  5. I added your blog to my list of “One Lovely Blog Award”. Please view

  6. What a wonderful idea with the bookmarks. Another fun thing would be to put some Swarovski rhinestones on them for added bling! It would also be a fun project for kids.

    wanted to send you my blog site. I have started posting again…, now you need to get with it!!!

  8. Hello from Toronto,
    This proves ones again my theory that crafting is for everyone!
    Love these bookmarks, an awesome idea!
    ~ Gabriela ~

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    I like your Blog.
    There every information is very nice.
    hand crafting is very nice work..

  10. Hey…what a lovely blog. I love you blog. You all woman are looking to be very creative in this field.

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