Beaded Beads…

Stuff 2077 (Small) 

You know I love these things…I really do.  30 little beads woven into one big bead!  There's a dandy tutorial over on my old podcast blog (stay tuned for details on that because there's some exciting talk going on about it) so you can make your own.  As for the handmade ear wires from which these gems hang, my new book, Metalsmithing 101 for Beaders (to be released this fall), will show you how.  You can use Swarovski crystals, E beads, seed beads–experimenting is fun once you get the hang of how to weave the beads.


  1. I LOVE these little beaded beads, they are so adorable, I think I’ll try a couple. I love your blog also, you have a lot of great material and links. Thanks for sharing your passion šŸ™‚

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