Beading With Children…

Illustrations 239 (Small) 

is so easy and when children create, the result always seems magical and perfect.  Throw some beads in a bowl, prep wire or elastic with a clasp or taping the end and away they go.  NO RULES and voila!

 Illustrations 247 (Small) 

This is my girl C's bracelet.  She hunted and pecked through the bead bowls like a pro.  Love the sweetness of this piece from color to charm choices!


  1. I have my students use beads to make keychains for their Dads for Father’s Day. They love it, and are very creative. I think we might bead bracelets for our moms this year.

  2. Well Candie, I’m an adult (sort of…) and I still believe in no rules for the most part. Or learn the rules, glean what you can, then throw them out the window!
    It’s amazing what you can learn from kid’s views of art and creativity, isn’t it?

  3. D. Clark says

    That little girl is TALENTED!!!

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