A simple pleasure…

Illustrations 792 (Small) 

I could have a 30 foot long work table and still only have 10 square inches in which to work at.  I've been making some necklaces lately for custom orders and such.

But, when I'm not pushing the beads and metal around…

Illustrations 817 (Medium) 

One of the things I do is take time to play…  After turning my hobby into my job, I found it important to find new and fun things that make my heart flutter and are inspiring.  My family is very musical and I grew up loving music.  Still not sure why I put my violin down for 10 years, but it's better to pick it up late, than never.  This is my friend Mike.  We played in a garage band together back in high school…called The Worms.  I always forget where that name came from.  Last night we played for four hours and it was a blast. 


  1. When my contractor built my studio he jokingly said I should build a 90′ x 120′ pole building. I almost swatted him!
    Well, he was right…..
    But here’s the thing, the more space you have, the more junk comes home, so it’s all still the same amount of workspace in the end—right??? šŸ˜‰ The tiny little cubbyhole that is sufficient for whatever it is you do. Same with my basement wet studio….sigh.

  2. Fun picture, fun moment, full of good vibe. I loved seeing a portion of your workspace.
    What a busy bee, you…
    I am happy for you dahling!

  3. this is just like me…althought I think I usually have 3 square inches free, not 10~~

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