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This is my new friend, Anne Huskey-Lockard.  She's a gal I've heard a lot about through the arty grapevine, but hadn't gotten to meet.  Finally!  We met and chatted over 3 cups of coffee and I think she summed it up best here.  "A kindred spirit" indeed, there is acosmic connection amongst artists (ok, the internet helps too) that we can find each other through the miles of corn fields that separate us.  And it's comforting to meet people that understand this strange existence of being an artist.  Anne recently injured herself, so if you could stop for a second and send her some healing thoughts, it would be most appreciated.  As it turns we have a few friends in common, so I look forward to summer and chats about new ideas and visits to her studio.


These are some of Anne's box canvases rich in layers of paint and collage.  Unbelievable when you look at all that's going on in her work.  She makes art that you can really get lost in….  Click the picture to enlarge it.

IMG_0024 (Medium) 

Anne is also the coordinator of the Peru Arts Co-op that meets at the cute, Cafe Du Cirque.  I love a coffee shop with a green front door!  It's a great place with lots of charm and smiles.


  1. Hey girl! Thanks for the lovely write up.
    I’m hoping to be back on my feet soon so I can get to the studio and make MORE art. Because I’m losing my mind NOT doing it!!! But I’m a tough old bird and with the PT, I’m going to be rockin’ again SOON. (yes, the first outside walk with the RED walker was with my Chucks on and my black leather motorcycle jacket….attitude counts)
    Will be glad when we can do another *coffee indulgence*.
    Take care!

  2. Kris Tsang says

    Hey Anne,
    Hope you get well soon! Warm regards from Hong Kong 🙂

  3. And great red paint, too… Wish I could join you there for coffee. Maybe you can get out to the Pacific Northwest one of these days!

  4. maybe a nice looking café. but, i know a ghost when i see one. and that woman is not alive!

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