An impossible question with an obvious answer…

Illustrations 712 (Small) 

I have my alarm set so the radio comes on in the morning instead of beep-beep-beep-beep-beep-beep…it's no fun to wake up to an unsettling "alarm" is it?  Why do we do that to ourselves?  Anyway, I lay there and listen to it for a bit while I come out of sleep and remind myself what I'm doing for the day.  One of the contests is called the "impossible question"–I think you win a free lunch at Pizza Hut's lunch buffet if you get the correct answer (in case you were wondering).  So one of last week's IQ was:

42% of people are happier if they have _________ within a mile of their house.

The Answer: A Best Friend

I loved it.  I believe it too!  Because you are more likely to see them, share some stories, some burdens, more importantly-Laughs, right? 

The same day I heard that question I decided to invite my best friend here in town over for lunch on a whim.  Turns out, she was having a crummy day because her car was kaput…like unrepairable kaput so it was good timing for comfort food.  As you can see it was a modest lunch, but we had a nice visit, commiserating about her car, eating, talking budgets, and giggling in the middle—all that in a 45 minute lunch break.  And what a difference it makes in your life!


  1. I ate that lunch! It was delicious!

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