We Heart Mod Podge…and Extreme Glitter Paint!


Me and the Plaid gang on Day 3 at the big Craft and Hobby showdown in Cali.  That's Cathie and Steve from DIY's Creative Juice television show and the lovely Donna Dewberry-genius behind the One Stroke painting technique.  Side Note:  The night before Cathie cut up my Mod-Podge T.  She's a master T-shirt slasher….I'm not kidding-it was magic what she did.  And now, I cannot look at a T without thinking about how to alter it.  Thanks Cath šŸ˜‰

Illustrations 709 (Small) 

This is a sweet magnet Cathie and Steve made me.  Check out the new Extreme Glitter Paint by Plaid.  This stuff is so SPARKLIN' HOT!  I think you'll love it.  You can paint it over plain or base coated surfaces–the more coats, the more sparkle.  And then Mod Podge your cut shapes and flat back crystals for added embellishment.  Wood flower shapes would be great for spring…and I am soooo ready for Spring!


  1. O.K.

  2. Hey girl! I love it! Did you get my blog address to link to?
    I’ve got you up on mine now – looks like yours is back in action??

  3. Please tell me how to find the extreme glitter paint!!!!!!!!!!

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