Bracelet Making Class…

This week is one big blur…

Tuesday night I gave a lecture about myself and work at the Honeywell House, Wednesday night was Sit and Stitch and then onto violin practice with a group I've not played with before, Thursday night I taught a simple stringing class (read on for more), Friday night my parents and I ventured on down to Anderson, Indiana to Hoosier Park for an all-you-can-eat-buffet (crab legs, shrimp, CHOCOLATE FONDUE FOUNTAIN!), Saturday I volunteered at the business expo here in town, and then this morning I played my violin with a neat group at a local church…it's also amazing how much work I got done with all this in the evenings.  It was a great week and the best part was seeing even more people that I haven't bumped into since I've been home.

The bracelet class on Thursday night was a blast-18 people signed up and each bracelet looked smashing.  I'm not just saying that either–people were very chill, just stringing some beads and enjoying the company of their friends or new friends.  Take a peek…

Illustrations 696 (Medium) 

Have you made a bracelet with a button and seed bead loop closure?  I love them.  Great way to treasure that vintage button you've been hanging on to.  I know you've got one tucked away in your favorite button box.

Illustrations 686 (Small) 

Lots of bead hunting, thinking, and it was neat because friends came together and helped each other out with major design decisions…

Illustrations 698 (Small) 

Here's a few of the bracelets from the night.  Many had them on at the business expo yesterday and that made me smile…big.  Thanks girls.

Illustrations 692 copy (Small) 

I tucked about 8 of Plaid's new FRESH resin charms in the charm bowl.  It's no surprise there were none left at the end of class because they are so cool.  Heather layered silver charms on top which looks awesome.  You can buy Fresh charms at Michaels and I believe other craft stores are selling them now so it's worth a peek.  We also used Beadalon's 49 strand, .018 diameter beading wire.  It's my favorite all time wire.

Illustrations 687 (Small) 

And new friendships were made….love that part too.  For me, I'm always a little nervous about taking a class by myself, but inevitably I come home with 3 new friends.  You know what they say–you can never have enough crafty friends (ok I inserted the "crafty" part).

I have so many favorite parts about teaching…the smile (and sometimes amazement) on their face once they've finished their bracelet and seeing people's spirit come out in their creation—soft and bold, calm to playful.  It's wonderful. 


  1. Once I was a student of this kind of courses. Trainings are so practical in these class. Now I can perfectly make these stuffs.

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