Day 4

IMGP2512 (Small) 

Day 4 here in Asheville and things are going great with my book's photo shoot.  It's been exciting to see it coming together.  And, boy, to get to hang out in Asheville for the big project makes me feel so lucky!  Such a great town with super people.  

I'm also lucky to have these two ladies working out the artsy details here…

IMGP2517 (Small) 

That's Kathy, the art director on the left and Lynn, the photographer on the right.  Thank you girls for all your hard work!  Last night, my editor and I stayed at the office for some late night beading.  More pictures on that later….


  1. Hey! You’re in Asheville??? I live here. So I have not followed your posts all along so tell me what you are doing here!!! Asheville is a great town and there are lots of things to see. I’d be happy to give you ideas if you have the time.

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