For Your Table…


My Festive Fall Votive holders could be the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving table this year.  Here's a link to the pattern.  I like to use transparent beads so the light from the candle casts colored confetti shadows on your table. 

In other news, one week until I head down to Asheville for my book's photo shoot.  Nervous and excited—so much to do before then!


  1. WOW!! These are so great! I love how fun and festive they are, they make me smile!! Congratulations on a new book, how exciting! Have a great weekend and thanks again for sharing the pattern!

  2. Those are so pretty & festive! Thanks for sharing the pattern! I’ll have to make some to take to all of our holiday gatherings.

  3. Those are just darling! What a great way to use up random leftovers šŸ™‚

  4. I love these. I agree with Cyndi – what a great way to make use of odds and ends! Unfortunately, I think my toddler would be All Too Interested in these, so I’m going to have to wait until he reaches the age of discretion (when? when?!?) to try them!

  5. These are so cute! I am feeling a desire to branch out of the jewelry mode and create beaded house accessories….and these inspire me so!
    Cheers to you, clever lady!

  6. So festive! I’d keep them out all year long.

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