Onto Thanksgiving…

IMGP2363 (Small)  

Oh, why didn't I get a picture of cute Katie Hacker in her bee costume, Rocker's pirate costume and I with my cat mask on?!?!  Don'tcha hate it when you do that?  This is us with crazy Ernie, the funniest scare crow ever who hangs out on the porch.  And before I forget, that's not a real fur jacket—It's a $10 Polyprophenablah blah blah (faux) fur coat from the thrift store.  I repeat $10! It worked perfectly with this cat mask I snagged at the Halloween USA store.

Halloween 08 (Small) 

Oh, it was a fun weekend!  I hope yours was too.


  1. Brenda Vogt says

    Ok, girlfriend! We are now lucky enough to read your blog in China – yay!!! You would not believe what a craft club we have going – all inspired by you – lots of girls are stuck on crocheting & us oldies are stuck on Guangzhou Liwan Plaza!!! Say hi to home for us! xoxoxoxo Skullgirl!

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