Squash Soup…

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Yesterday I made some butternut squash soup.  Nothin' says fall like squash…or orange food with nutmeg and a dash of cinnamon.  If you decide to give the recipe a go, it's worth reading the comments first.  Lots of ideas to suit your pallet.  It wasn't sweet enough for moi, so I took one reader's thought and liquefied an apple, and added it to the cauldron.  Perfecto.

The peace sign in the background was made by my friend Ryan.  He calls it, Reflections of Peace.  He made it with bike reflectors he's found riding through the reservoir trails.  Love me some folk art.  


  1. I really like to use coriander and apple in my squash soup. But nutmeg is also good.

  2. i love your blog header!

  3. What a coincidence, I just read Jennifer P’s blog of pumpkin & bean soup and you have butternut squash soup!

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