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Thank you for all the warm thoughts.  We're hanging in there and got a little good news today.  It's almost strange that this happened so soon after I got home…makes me wonder if it was in the Universe's plan all along. 

Saw my "Return to Sender" bracelet posted as a free project on the Simply Beads website–I'd forgotten all about this little number because it's three years old.  Oy!  It's probably one of my favorite projects I've ever made for SB (did that sound a little Napoleon Dynamite-esque?).  Have you played with Envirotex Lite?  The finished surface is fabulous.  So durable and clear.

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You can snag loads of postage stamps on Ebay for next to nothing.  And the bases are made from those famous scrabble tiles.  Will we crafters ever tire of them?  I think not.


  1. How did you apply the envirotex lite to the surface of each tile? Did you use a paintbrush and paint it on as if it were something like a decoupage medium? Thanks for any info you can share.

  2. I dipped the end of a paint brush in the Envirotex and then drizzled it on the middle of the tile. Easy does it, because it spreads out quite a bit. A paint brush works great for spreading it out to the edges. šŸ™‚

  3. Maravilhooozzzo!!!

  4. Sandy gustafson says

    Hi Candie,
    I hope this finds you well, you have many fans and we are thinking of you!
    How important is it that you laminate the art/stamp? Don’t have that machine and need to know if I have to go and get it done.
    Thanks for all you do!

  5. Aw, thanks Sandy! Since I made this, I’ve discovered that packing tape seals up the image good enough too. You have to burnish the layers together with the back of a spoon, but it works! If you don’t seal the paper, the envirotex saturates and makes it look a bit oily or blotchy depending on the kind of paper. Thanks again for the note!

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