Apartment Therapy…

I was just on the Apartment Therapy site and found some jewelry love that I had to share:


Necklace for your tree! If only I had a yard….  Check out the skinny here.  It triggered a memory of that SNL skit where Christopher Walken (who I adore) was afraid of plants and glued googly eyes to each one in his green house.  Kind of hard to explain, but you can imagine.

In other news, the review of my book projects was today so I've pretty much been going through the day with that in the back of my mind.  A long to-do list tonight, and Rock giving me the stink eye because he wants to go outside, so I gotta run.  Though he looks innocent and petite, he is demanding and he always wins! 


  1. Candie,
    Don’t worry! I know exactly what skit you’re talking about. AND I LOVE CHRISTOPHER WALKEN TOO!! Glad I’m not the only weirdo out there. He’s a great actor, has wonderful comedic timing, and is just fun to watch!
    Keep up the good work. I love reading your blog and your work is beautiful.

  2. Also a CW fan!! I have tons of tree, but none out front where this would show. But its a great idea and something that can be adapted at Christmas for a decoration!

  3. Hi sweetie! Love the necklace! Wished we could hand and make jewelry together! Shoot me an email and let’s talk! xoxo

  4. Wow, now that’s different – tree jewelry! I don’t think I could work on that scale but it’s a fascinating concept! Good luck with the reviews – they’re always so time consuming but worth the effort!

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