Hi and Hello and a some Felt Rings….

Stuff 642 (Small)

I hate going this long in between blog posts so the first thing I wanted to say is sorry.  The days are absolutely flying by between work, talking to Butch, and catching up with everyone in my small little town where I grew up.  It has been a warm welcome that I'm constantly overwhelmed by.  Just five or so weeks ago I was a gal shuffling through town with 9 million other people and now there are about 12,000 of us….of which I think I know 9,000 or so it feels.  Rock and I have walked all over this town with cars honking horns and waves and funny things being yelled at us….constantly being asked if we need a ride somewhere.  So funny.  Making lots of new friends too and pretty much loving every second of it.   

I came across this picture of some felt rings I made before I left for China.  They were a simpler version of these topiary rings that were in the International Feltmakers exhibit, On the Map that toured Europe.

Topiariy (Small)

When I look at these, I see so many more things I could've done to them.  It's amazing how we grow on the inside—TG.  I'd think life might get pretty dull if we didn't.  My jewelry is still playful, but in different ways I think.  It's something I've been thinking about—our path and our work.  If we revisit the same path with a few more life experiences, how will it look?  A little slower, more thought out, more confident?  These past few weeks have been mind boggling, lots of self discoveries that take up a lot of thinking time…I know you've all been there and I appreciate you hanging on for the ride.  Thank you for all the emails, comments and support. 

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