I’ll Tumble For Ya…

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This Children, is the most awesome tumbler in the world!  I'm not sure if my picture really captures that.  Perhaps, I should have added a "Zam!" or "Bam!" or something along with the burst.  Next time.   Anyway, if you do any sort of metal fabrication, you will not regret this purchase.  Flip the switch, walk away, come back in an hour, and Voila!  Polished silver pieces.  I've had this one for about five years and it's still going strong and I think it will for a very long time (knock on wood, of course!). 

RAYTECH ROTARY TUMBLER and I use stainless steel shot with it with a drop of dish soap and tumbling powder that I got from Rio Grande.


  1. Wow, now that’s a cool tumbler and much prettier than the boring green one we have!

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