The hours are turning into minutes as I type!  Time is flying and before long our little family will be on a plane to America—-and que Neil Diamond, Coming to America.  The movers came this morning and hauled off 39 boxes….of what I don’t really know.  It’s all a blur, I just know it seemed like every second box read “handcraft supplies.”  I took a cute little picture of Rocker in front of all the boxes, I’ll show you later.  Well, stuff to go in my suitcases is still scattered about, so I’m hopping to.  Just wanted to say, bye.  Can’t wait to see you in the homeland!  XO, C

P.S. Image from Marie Claire- Idees’.  One of my favorite magazines–even though I can’t read a word of it!


  1. I hope you both have a safe trip. Let us know when you get home safely.

  2. Cute valise! I love butterflies and this little suitcase is just perfect!

  3. Happy Trails. Hope you have a great summer adjusting to your new home away from home.

  4. I love Marie Claire Idées too ! Lots of beautiful things to do !
    Have a good trip ! Tell us when you are in your new home !

  5. All the best of luck to you Candie and may you have very safe travels!!! (wow, 39 boxes, that’s alot of supplies!) hugs ~ Sharon

  6. safe travels!!!! and welcome home!

  7. Did everyone get home ok?

  8. Has anyone heard from Candy? Just want to know that she made it home safe and sound.

  9. Hope your trip was smooth and that you are currently in a happy mess of unpacking!

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