I love a good surprise…


A couple of days ago, I stopped and did a search for coffee machines.  I wanted to order it now, so it would be there for me when I got home.  I know I have a mountain of things to do before I leave Monday morning, but I’m a junkie and we need our fixes wherever and whenever.  The Senseo website came up in my search and although I’d never seen one, Adam Curry talked about his all the time on his pod-casting show (used to anyway and he may still) and he was in love with his.  As it turns out, Senseo is doing a promotion with survey.  I thought if you fill out the survey you might have a chance to be entered into a raffle to win a fancy schmancy coffee machine and goodies worth over $70 smackers.  If you win, they ask that you pay the $15 in shipping. Thinking I’m the luckiest person alive, I went for it.  I filled out the survey and little did I know that I simply just qualified to get one of their machines….for free!  Also being the realistic person that I am, I thought, no way!  That simple?  What’s the catch?  Seriously.  They said it could take 4-6 weeks to get.  I didn’t want to tell you kids before I actually knew if it was legit.  How many stories have you heard with those confusing scratch off lotto tickets—people think they’ve won, tell everyone they know in 10 minutes only to find out, no, indeed they didn’t win.  Being the dweeb that I am, I called the hotline to ask: “is this for real?”  The chipper lady at Sarah Lee/Senseo confirmed.  I hung up the computer (this is how I call America) and thought, I’m a winner….in 4 to 6 weeks!  The next morning I got a tracking number for the Senseo via email, it’s currently somewhere in Tennessee.  Lord, I felt and feel like the old man in A Christmas Story,  “it’s a major award!!”  Free Senseo coffee at my house!  Give me a shout and I’ll make you a cup….apparently the machine is very fast.  Does anyone have one?  At the end of the survey, they asked me for a list of emails of people who might like to do the survey—so here’s the link to it.


  1. Maybe it’ll be Fra-Geeee-Lay. Italian!

  2. Thank you for the heads up! I’m not a coffee drinker, but my husband is. His Senseo is on its way as well! He’s so excited! Plus it’s a wonderful anniversary surprise!

  3. Wow what a fabulous find! My in-laws have one and they LOVE it!! Ah a shipment in a wood crate marked fragile’, what could be better than that!! Congrats!

  4. It’s here’ should I have it plug in when you get home?

  5. Kewl! Thanks for sharing! I love gadgets, so I think I’ll follow this link right now. You better hurry home…I think you’re coffee’s getting cold!

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