Rocky’s comin’ home….and so am I.

 Rocker home 1

Well.  The day has come.  We’ve decided to move Rocker home to America.  This is something we’ve looked forward to ever since the day we adopted him, so we are glad to finally be executing.  We’ve been practicing for the plane ride with his Sherpa bag here and things are going pretty well.  Today we are going to see the health off!cials for a check up and more paper work.  There’s a lot of stuff that has to be done to get a little dog over to America.  Special border crossing cars, vaccinations, certificates, carrying crates, diet plan for flight day…..I’m tellin’ ya.  Don’t think I haven’t thought about tucking him into an over-sized purse, either.  So Rocky and me will be shacking up back in the States for awhile and Butchy will be here.  Now, the first thing most people wonder, when you hear about husband and wife living on opposite sides of the planet is: is everything ok between you two?  Yes, it is.  But, there are a couple of big reasons for me and Rock to come home now vs. later: 1.  Rocker needs a check up from a vet because he has a small spot on him that we and the vets back home are a little concerned about.  2.  Things in this country have gotten more than complicated with V!sas and a bunch of other stuff.  I’ll be coming back to Ch!na a couple of times before the end of the year to see Butch and to go on some big trips we had planned.  It makes me think of that line from the movie “Dan in Real Life” where he talks about life and our plans and in the end, we should just “plan to be surprised.” 

Rocker home 2

It would be a lie to tell you I’m not a little scared about this transition back to the States, especially with Butch still here.  But, in the same breath I’ll tell you how thrilled and excited I am about….well, the list is too long.  Now Rocker on the other hand, is not so thrilled about this little box he has to hang out in for the 14 hour plane ride.  We’ve lured him with stories about the vast green fields of Indiana, ginormous pet stores filled with plush toys and treats, long walks down calm, hornless streets (he hates horns and loud trucks) and doggie parks.  He was interested, but not convinced.  No, the deal wasn’t cinched until we told him Grandpa would be there….

Grandpa and rocker

We hop a plane one week from today (or Sunday at midnight EST).  Will you please keep us in your thoughts? In the mean time, I’ll still be around working on my book projects, CHA stuff, packing….and training Rocker to love his box.  Will I miss this place?  Yes, we’ve lived here nearly 3 years so I’ve grown fond of a few things….like cheap beads!  But, I’m ready to be closer to my family and get to know my hilarious 4 year old nephew.  Thank you for reading this blog and checking in on us.  I’m just so thankful for the support and friendships I’ve made through this and staying connected with you all.  XOXO, Candie  


  1. Wow. Huge life transition. Very best of luck to you. Sounds to me like Rocky will be just fine.

  2. Well, you already know about transition. He’ll love the Green Way in WL for walks though and you can stop for coffee along the way. All the best!

  3. Wow, Candie, Congratulations!! You and darling Rocky will certainly be in my thoughts throughout the coming weeks!! I can’t begin to imagine what an experience the next few weeks will be for you but I’m sure you both will do quite well! It’s always such an ordeal coming back from another country after being gone for so long (my longest was a year in Brazil) but 3 years, oh my!! I wish you all the best and VERY safe travels!! hugs ~ Sharon

  4. Safe travels, Candie! You and Rocker will have such a great time exploring US territory. And while I’m sure it is hard to leave cheap beads, you’ll have so much fun being able to go to all of the bead shows here!
    Safe travels!

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