Clone of a Cinnabon is the start to this story…  I don’t know if you can tell, but we’re a little deprived on the dessert front over here.  No cupcake bakeries, Amish bakeries (like near our old house back home) or even Cinnabon’s in the mall.  We got nothin’!  I’ve been hungry for a cinnabon, so when I found this, I immediately sent it over to my friend with a note:  “do you want to make these?”.  2 minutes later I got a response:  “Oh, yes! Oh,yes! Oh, yes!”  We’re dangerous together, I said.


Kris, the neighborhood knitting teacher came over to pitch in and she ended up rolling out the dough and showing me this neat string trick.  We used thin fishing line or nylon filament.  Now, that’s a good thing!


Love those spirals! 


Cream cheese frosting on golden brown cinnamon buns…..Sinful!  The best part of a cinnabon is the middle, don’tcha think? Super gooey, soft and still very warm.  Yes, yes, we enjoyed those very much.  And did you know the Cinnabon people have a whole list of recipe ideas for how to use their buns….as if they weren’t fabulous enough on their own?!?!  Hope you’re all gearing up for a fun weekend!  Happy Fourth!

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