Tutti, Fruitti, and Rutie


Here's a little fetish of mine…. Nut Bugs!  Have you ever seen them?  They are so cute with their wiggly legs.  I got my first one as a kid when my grandma had them in her store.  These are from Suzhou and I was thrilled to snatch them up.


I've found more than a bug or two in my fruits and veg here because the produce is picked and put on the shelves, mud and all.  The other day I was cleaning some celery and there was a little red-worm taking a snooze down in the valley of the stalk.  Then there was the time I got a gnat infested head of broccoli and didn't realize it until I saw around 30 gnats floating on the surface of my beautiful soup.  I can laugh about that one now, but at the time….well, you can imagine. 

Really enjoyed this post over at Claire's blog today—I just pretend I can read French, picking out words that sort of look familiar.  The button and twirly wire brooch is magical.


  1. I would like to order 2 dz. bugs to be delivered in July.
    Thank you

  2. Oh I love the little bugs – I’ve purchased several through the years for my boys and I manage to sneak a play with them every now and then. šŸ˜‰

  3. I’ve always obsessively soaked my broccoli in salt water to get rid of grubs. Maybe it isn’t necessary in North America any more?

  4. I used to love those little bugs! Hadn’t thought about them in years.
    Make sure you clean your veggies good! I’ve gotten worms in my salad on several occassions at nice restaurants here in CA. The excuse was “the food is organic!” I guess organic= not washed to some people?!

  5. Not even kidding, I found cobwebs between my walnuts the other day!!! After I’d already used some in my apple oatmeal bars! Party foul!

  6. These are so cute!
    Came here by way of Suzi Blu.
    God Bless Your Creative Life!!!

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