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The other day, my friend made a "something, something pie."  Well, that's the way I understood it—she's from London and sometimes (when I haven't had enough coffee), I cannot understand a word she says.  She said the name of the pie about four times before I thought to look at the recipe.  "Ohhhhhhhhh, Banoffee pie," I said.  "Why, what'd you think I said."  "I have no idea, but I'm looking forward to it."  We've had so many of these moments where I'm in the dark and then realization comes and we bust out laughing.  Apparently this is more of an English dessert and her recipe was from the Nestle UK website.  After tasting it, it all made sense; Banana + Toffee, naturally equals "Banoffee".  And boy, was it was lovely! Especially with those ginormous chocolate twirls she thought to put on top.

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I have to say, someday, I may have to make the toffee layer and put it on some vanilla bean ice cream.  I tasted it while it was still hot in the pot—Oh Momma!  Could be the perfect hot summer night treat!


  1. Mmmm… Banoffee pie!! YUM! I love it!!

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