Tree-mendous Jewelry Holder…


You can probably imagine how many pieces of jewelry I own.  It's a lot.  You too?  It oozes out of boxes and drawers, I tell ya.  This is one of my storage solution pieces I keep on my night stand.


It's an ever-growing tree that blossoms rings, necklaces, bangles and more.  Confession: I have 3.  One is out in the living room with ornaments and things, the other one I inherited from my pal that moved and it holds my BIG rings collection.  You can pick these dandy things up at Ikea for around $5 dollars I think.


This tree has a potpourri of pieces on it…  I've been collecting jewelry ever since I was in middle school, digging through my grandma's attic and my mom's old stuff.  Then there are a few pieces from my older sister from the 80s.  Yesssss.  But, what I wouldn't do for a slinky bracelet!  Remember those?  They weren't very durable, but they looked cool.  There are also necklaces made by my friends on here.  Anyway, it's another way to have keepsakes out, surrounding yourself with memories of those favorite people and times—-which I love…..


  1. Wow, a tree that blooms jewelry – it’s the perfect tree!!! I thought it was going to be another low priced local find of yours until I saw “Ikea”. Now I’ll just have to make a trip to Phili! šŸ™‚

  2. I too have these trees (and about a zillion other jewelry holders) and love them. Mine are bright yellow.

  3. Wow. Very cool. I like your jewelry tree!

  4. Hey, I have that same tree in yellow. It is great! You’ve got yours chocked full!

  5. Hi there
    I am selling 8 of those on ebay if somebody missed it. They dont sell them in the stores any longer…

  6. I am selling 8 of those trees on ebay at the moment if somebody missed them. not longer in stores!
    contact me on emma650120050 at hotmail com

  7. i am selling some of those tree on ebay at the moment…emma

  8. Hi,
    great information, thanks for sharing it.
    very interesting jewelery. Nice work!

  9. Nancy Antoniou says

    Hi Emma, Are you still selling the tree-mendous jewellery stand from Ikea?
    I am reall interested to get them

  10. Wow! Awesome! These are really artistic and creative. i want to buy one from you.

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