Doin’ the Mango Shuffle…

into the pot

I've been curious about mango chutney ever since I tried some at the Indian restaurant.  Mangos are IN season here, so yesterday afternoon, my friends and I gave this recipe a go. 


After a lot of measuring, we got the pot going and discovered we were 7 cups shy on mangos—took 16 cups total!!  So I scurried down to the store and bought 10 more pounds and ended up adding all of them except 2.  2!  I wish you could have seen them all. This is our friendly, emergency mango chopping assembly line.  The recipe makes 240 servings by the way, but I think it was even more after we made it.


Everything simmering away here…bubbling in all it's glory.  I learned a lot yesterday, but the most valuable lesson is this:  It's not a good idea to stand over a pot stirring constantly with 5 chilies in it, taking the vapors in all the while.  911!  My nose was on fire.  My face was on fire.  Not to mention, I got chili oil under my thumb nail from chopping.  Though they are so small and cute and I love the color of them, chilies can be kind of vicious.  But, I'm pretty sure breathing in those spicy vapors warded off that sinus infection that's been lurking.


Now don't these jars look perfect and tidy, like we made just the right quantity to fill each one.  Ha! Yeah right! We had chutney coming out our ears!  Totally unprepared for this, we scrambled to find more jars and tubs—not a drop went to waste.  Does anyone want some?  I've got a load of it in the fridge and it is Yummy! 


  1. Mango fool made with whipped cream and stewed mangoes is heavenly. Not that I’ve made it, or anything, but I have eaten it and it is def. worth looking up the recipe.

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