Bead Market: Take 78


Sorry for the MIA the past couple of days.  I think I had some sort of pinched nerve in my shoulder, but the pain was really in my arm and wrist.  It was weird and I didn't feel like using the computer too much. I'm happy to say it's mostly gone today.  Tuesday I and a few other ladies took a road trip to the bead market.  I shop at this store frequently and these are two of my pals that help me dig through the bags, looking for the most perfect beads.  I had to laugh when I saw how I looked sitting on that stool, knees up to my ears.  The girls insisted this was much better than sitting on the floor—so nice!  I never wore crocs until I moved to Ch!na—they are the best shoe to wear here with the damp floors and dusty side walks, just in case you are coming this way.


Here's my loot from the day.  I think I did ok.  I guess I was gravitating towards naturals and blues and greens.  They've come out with some new cloisonne beads that are really luminous.  I hope someone State-side will carry them.  Lots of dyed stone and saw some crazy Swarovski-look-a-likes.  Crazy!  Don't you love laying all your stuff out after a big shopping trip?  Inevitably, I have a few pieces that I don't remember buying, because after three hours in that place, I've got more than a few loose beads rolling around in my brain.  Whadaya-gonna-do.


I also found these little treats to take home to all the girls in my family.  Faux cinnabar bangle bracelets! Mmmmm.


  1. How fun!

  2. May I please have a red one? I love you and missing you.
    And please tell me if you get this note.

  3. I’m so cracking up you’re wearing CROCs! I love those bracelets! Love, Me Please let me know too that you got this email, did you get your birthday card?

  4. I spotted those bracelets in the first picture! And now Grandma has already called a red one. Oh well, I’ve been on a teal kick… We love that you’re thinking of us! We love you.

  5. Sounds like your not going to have many things left after you get back to your family!
    What are the prices of beads like over their?
    Cheers X X X

  6. O my, The comments really make us all
    sound very greedy. I’m sorry, but show us
    a great bunch of bangles and we go a little crazy.

  7. Great haul! How do you choose?! I have to send my husband to Venice to get my beads because when I go I become paralyzed with indecision. I’d go nuts for sure there!

  8. Wow! Great loot! Makes me want to run out to the nearest bead show!

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