1-2-3 Craft!

I was sifting through a bowl of random bits in my office the other day and came across this fish charm I made awhile back.  It was a quick experiment and an attempt not to let a drop of mixed Envirotex Lite go to waste.  This is a fun and simple project you can make with your kids this summer. Here's what you need:

Stuff 009

Grab some Mother of Pearl shell beads/tags from Fire Mt. Gems and Beads.


Find some extra cute little stickers and stick em' to the shells.  I got mine here, but the package says made in Korea and Japan-land of all things extra cute and sweet.  Check around Ebay for stores like this to get your own.  You could also use metallic paint pens to decorate the shell backgrounds first.  Wouldn't that be fun!?!?!

finished necklace

Seal the sticker in with either Envirotex Lite or Diamond Glaze.  Envirotex is my favorite beacuse it makes for a really hard extra slick surface, but Diamond Glaze dries A LOT faster and more kiddie friendly probably.  Either way, some may fill in the hole on the shell and you may have to use a dremel tool and drill bit to open it again.  Add a jump ring and ball chain and voila; cuteness hanging from your neck!  But, why stop there?  Add some more beaded dangles and silver charms perhaps?  Less is More?  More is less?  Who cares, it's fun!

Beading Daily.Com had a post yesterday that listed a load of beading ideas for kids.  Tis the season for filling those long summer days with beads and day dreaming out around the picnic table in the back yard.


  1. What a cute idea. Thanks for sharing it!
    I have some Envirotex that is rotting away in a drawer right now…I’ve been wandering what to do with it. Maybe this will be IT. šŸ™‚

  2. super cute!!! and so fun for little girls!
    I’m gonna link back to this over on Craft Gossip.

  3. That’s so easy and adorable! šŸ™‚

  4. I love this, and my girls (dolls) are gonna love it tooand YOU will get the credit! xox

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