Saving the Animals…

You've all heard the terrible reports of the recent earthquake here and it keeps getting worse.  The people here have pulled together and are accomplishing extraordinary things and this is one of them…


One of the rescued dogs, Pi. 

I was listening to the radio today and caught the tail end of this woman's interview.  She founded and runs a bear sanctuary in Chengdu, near the earthquake's major damage area.  She and her team have been assisting with relief efforts since the beginning—helping people and rescuing dogs and cats.  They have saved over 50 animals so far and according to her blog, the gov't called and said they have more. Check out her blog for more incredible and courageous accounts.  You can imagine the costs that go with rescue.  If you have a spare couple of dollars, here's a link to her donation button.  I've poked around her site and what they are doing really is remarkable.  Thank goodness for angels. 

Picture from Jill's Blog at

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