Burn Baby, Burn….


I've been meaning to show you this slick little Berzomatic pencil torch I got awhile back.  I use it for soldering silver, copper and brass.  Back home I use a Smith torch which uses acetylene and air.  Over here I would have to buy an acetylene tank the size of the Empire State building and well, that doesn't really evoke a comfy settling feeling in my little studio—even if I drew a smiley face on the side of it.   I was thrilled to find this option and it runs off propane-everyone loves a short stubby tank that you don't need to chain to the wall, right?  If you live in the States, you can use those cute cannisters they sell for camping grills.  The bonus is you can buy them almost anywhere (this is nice when you run out of gas Sunday afternoon and you're hot to finish your project).  I think I paid around $40 (plus shipping) for the torch and then small cannisters are around $6 or $7 so it's pretty cost friendly. 

soldering area

It's great for small pieces and simple jobs like soldering an ear post.  I have noticed for slightly bigger pieces like a brooch, I need to build up my fire bricks to make a little oven so the piece can stay hot, but that's no biggie.  If you are thinking about soldering, try this torch.  Accessible and small, I give it a 10. 


  1. Hi, Candie. I make a lot of handmade chains using 18 to 20 gauge sterling silver wire with my acetylene torch. Have you used your propane torch to make handmade chains? If so, are you happy with the results of using the propane torch vs. acetylene?
    Thanks for the info. Love your new projects in the latest issue of Simply Beads!

  2. Yes, I have used it for handmade chains. I’ve fused 24-18g. fine silver with it so far. I turn the heat down pretty low and it works great! The only time I get a globby link is when I start day dreaming! LOL. I did notice the torch can get a little warm if you have a lot of fusing to do. But, my brain can only hand about 25 to 30 links at a time anyway. Then it cools off after about 15 minutes and I start again.

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