Soup’s On…


The family made Cream of Celery soup today.  That’s right, it took all of us.  Lots of chopping, stirring and more chopping.  I used this recipe, but I opted not to pour the soup through a sieve.  Lose the vegetables?  No way!  But, I learned that you have to boil the celery a loooooong time before it becomes tender.  After about a half hour at a high boil, it still wasn’t quite there, but we were hungry so we pushed on.  Butch set to chopping up the veggies (this is where you would normally puree them).  There were more than a couple clumps of celery flying through the air.  All the while, Rocker in position at the base of the counter—-that’s his strategy for catching small bits of cheese that might fall off the grater or a sliver of chicken, today it was celery.  I wasn’t really paying attention until we sat down to eat and the poor guy had three green spots where celery had splatted on his nose and head.  What a mess this soup was to make!  I have to admit fantasizing about my Kitchen Aid stainless blender (Ooooooo) that’s in storage back home.  That thing would have put this celery in it’s place.  Never the less, it was all worth it because the soup was fabulous, especially on this cloudy day.

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