Anything Goes Charm Bracelet…


If you’ve ever been on vacation or gone antiquing with me, you know that by the end of the trip, my pockets are loaded with this’s and that’s.  Nothing in particular, but a lot of somethings….if that makes any sense.  One of my favorite pieces of jewelry to make are charm bracelets.  They allow for working in themes or you can attach whatever makes your heart sing at the moment.  The latter is the route I took for this particular bracelet.  Some initials, a little white beaded dog, an old license plate key chain thingy, a blue glass elephant from Germany and a lot of other random bits.  You can basically make a charm bracelet out of anything by drilling a hole and connecting a jump ring.  This project was the final class in my four week intermediate beading class here—I showed them the bracelet two weeks prior to making it so they could be scavenging for special parts and pieces.  So tomorrow, I’ll show you some of their finished bracelets…



  1. That is a *totally* charming piece, Candie! Stuffing my pockets is one of my favorite things to do on vacay too šŸ™‚

  2. Charm bracelets are one of my most favorite things. YOURS IS ENCHANTING!!! You are the IT girl, Candie! I love your style!
    I have beloved charm bracelets from my grandmother and my mother, and also several of my own, started when I was little, for me, as gifts. It was a family tradition to get charms at Christmas. I always hoped that the ones that were chosen for me moved in some way. Therefore I had spinning carousels with colorful enamel horses, a little gold bear with moveable arms and legs, and a jack in the box with a gold hook to keep the box closed. When you unhooked it, he would pop out! I just couldn’t get over my good fortune at having these treasures.
    I still try to accept and go for any “call” for charm bracelets or necklaces or whatever which I can, in any magazine looking for pieces like that which will take me! Thanks for the adorable piece! You made my day!

  3. My favorite kind of bracelet! I love this! I bet it’s nice and jangly on the wrist, too.
    I used to love Cracker Jack toys when I was a kid. I wish I still had my little collection for a charm bracelet.

  4. Beautiful, fun, and charming. I love the playfulness, and it’s versatility.

  5. You are all my kinda peeps! Wish we could get together and charm up some bracelets!

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  7. I really like your bracelet! It’s really cool.

  8. love the finished bracelet. It looks great.

  9. Hey truly beatifull, making something from the things you pickup on antique markets.
    Every piece attached can tell its own story. In my opinion, charm bracelets made from “old” things you collect or find at vintage or antique markets makes the bracelet truly original.
    Anybody can make a charm bracelet from standard beads and charms you buy of stock.
    A BIG thumbs up!! keep up the beautiful work!

  10. Love your creative and cute bracelet. I am much motivated to do a handmade.

  11. In your pic you have posted very smart designs. Your designs are very modern. Different stuffs with the bracelet is attractive.

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