Here’s a sweet painting that caught my eye leaving school the other day.  Who can resist a Robin perched on a cherry blossom tree branch?  Signs of Spring all around us…

Ever since I made the granola bars, I’ve been hooked.  Those had a lot of sugar in them, but the recipe I’m about to give you doesn’t.  It was recently passed along to me by my friend, Inger from Norway (quite possibly the most healthy person I know).


Inger’s Bird Balls — (affectionately named by Candie)

  • Ground up your oats in a food processor-enough for 2 c.
  • 1 browned banana (I used 2)
  • add some dried fruit, coconut, nuts and so on (I’d say 2 handfuls at least)

Mix it all together.  Inger says "if the mixture is too dry, she grates up an apple or melon or anything she has on hand" and adds it to the mixture.  Roll into balls and bake for 15 minutes at 300F/150C.

Store the balls in the fridge.  Inger also says they freeze well.

Thanks everybody for reading my blog and checking in over here.  Thank you for the notes and thoughts.  I always love reading them.  I hope you’re all have a good week.  I just got some new pictures of the workshop, so I’ll post those tomorrow.  I know I said that yesterday, eek. I’m off to buy some materials…let’s hope I find some good treasures.



  1. What’s not to love about that Robin? It takes one to know one! šŸ˜‰
    Inky Hugs,

  2. Auntie Candie-I’m reading your blog and looking at your movies w/ Mom. I wanted to tell you sorry you missed my 4th birthday and that I missed you. Love, AJ
    p.s. I want transformers for my birthday. (and I’m not spoiled!)

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