Flashback Friday!


I know.  It doesn’t look like much, but think of it like an ancient pottery shard dug up from the earth.  Ok, that’s a little dramatic.  I found it digging through a box of my old kid stuff last summer.  I’m always happily surprised when things like this turn up.  Sometimes, being a pack rat is a good thing, I guess.    It’s a brooch made from "friendly plastic" that I decorated with a stone and rhinestone chain shaped into my initial.  So class-ay, eh?!?!  Oh and don’t forget that pinking sheared orange buzz strip! I had my first friendly plastic experience in fourth grade at a Saturday art workshop for kids.  We were hooked, so my mom and I got some to experiment with.  Looking at this piece, I can still remember the bowl of hot water I soaked the pieces in and working at the end of our old stove on 449 Allen St.  Don’t you love the associations that come with objects? Especially handmade ones?  Looking back, we really do have it "in" us our whole lives in terms of what our passions will be.  The art workshop could have just been the first piece to the puzzle.  Ah, the magic of life…

Happy Flashbacks!  For more flashback fun, check out Katie’s adorable bracelet.  And, send me a link if you ever feel like sharing one of your flashbacks.

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