Spring Cravings….?

Ugh, I am craving a stroopwaffeln right now!  Katie I know you are too!  My Dutch friend, Coby got me hooked on them when I lived in Suzhou.  Then when we were in Germany and Belgium the Spring before last and I bought a load of them for everybody I knew.  Maybe I’m having association cravings or something weird like that?  Earlier today I realized this will be the third year in a row that we miss out on Aunt Jane’s pickled eggs at Easter. And just to add a log to the fire, today is my crazy cute nephew’s fourth birthday and we are missing it. šŸ™ That’s it, I’m having a pitty party for myself.  You’re all invited, of course.


  1. Happy Easter to Clyde, Butch and Rocker. Love Nis and Sondra

  2. I live in Montana and there’s a little local bakery/soup place that makes stroopwafeln (stroopwafels). Apparently they don’t think Montanans could remember that name so they also call them “caramel cookie waffles”. My sister used to bring them to us from Holland but then she moved back to the States and I moved here and I buy them fresh. I’m very, very sorry that you don’t have any today. šŸ™ Or pickled eggs, either.

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