Down the Bunny Trail….


Living here, the holidays really sneak up on me.  I’m still wondering where Valentines Day went, you know? But, I was determined not to miss Easter this year because I’ve been saving these little pink mirror bunny charms to make some special Spring bling.  They are made of plastic and I hope the vendor here keeps making mirror charms like this because they are so cool….and multi-functional (ta-da! check your lipstick in the mirror on your charm).  I used funky "Easter Grass Green" polka dot and leafy beads alongside crystals to create the bunny trail.  A Beadalon bail holds the bunny to the trail.  Ha, that rhymed!


I like to layer my jewels so I’m working a simple crocheted silk chain with more crystals and flower shaped sequins.  If you crochet with beads, you’ll love Clover’s new mini-crochet hooks.  Ergonomic handle on the hook.  Thaaaaank you.  Check out the Simply Beads Feb. issue for a project similar to this silk chain.


I’m almost finished cooking up some eggs for your blog breakfast tomorrow.  See you on the bunny trail!


  1. I love that bunny charm!!!

  2. I love it! I love unique jewelry, it’s hard to find in stores. Especially ones with bunnies!

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