Bead Hunting…


Today we rented a car and driver from the hotel so we could go out exploring.  This is a picture of school letting out for lunch-those are motorcycle taxis on the wall. We hit the local grocery for some bags of dried mango slices.  Heaven.   I think I bought enough to last me a lifetime.  Botch also wanted some more Colgate 360 toothbrushes-we’re both hooked on those at the moment.  Have you tried them?  Fabulous.  We poked around the souvenir shop, bought some gifts and these:


Key chains-Smeechains, those are beads!!!  BIG, lovely, honkin’ BEADS!  They are inlaid shell and what a score at around a dollar each!  I love the stripey ball.  Always bring a few beads home from your travels.  You can use them in future jewelry projects and remind yourself of that wonderful trip to wherever.


I didn’t take too many pictures today.  Mostly from the car like this one. I’m mad at myself for not taking some pictures of the wonderfully painted "multi-cabs." Google it, I’m sure there are a million pictures of them….



  1. JOHN&RITA says

    Candie I want to see some
    under-water photos
    John And Rita

  2. It must be cool to live in a place where you can find beads like that! I’ve got to do some more snooping around in shops when a visit Japan this summer.

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