So we have to say goodbye….


to the weekend.  It was a fun one, too.  Party for friends and family at the international school on Friday night. As we checked in, they gave us name tags and said we could write the ages of our children on it.  Having no children, I later thought I should have wrote "37"—Butch (that’s our little joke around here).  Saturday was make stuff til’ ya drop day.  And this morning we went to our friends house to make banana pancakes.  Lordy, lordy, I could’ve eaten forty of those things….but I didn’t.  It’s going to be a short week because we’re taking a red eye flight here this Tuesday night, to Cebu.  Taking a small beach vacation—it’s the first "beach" vacation for me and Butch.  Ever.  First one for either of us in 10 years?!?!  We’re looking forward to it.  I’m also going to attempt to go snorkeling.  I’m scared outta my skin at the idea, but.  No buts.  Have to.  You see I’m not exactly a fish in the water.  I can swim, I just don’t love to swim.  But, I know myself, I’ll always wonder if I don’t and I’m being blessed with the opportunity to have a try….so I’m gonna.  Many firsts coming fast and my plan is to just hold on tight. 

P.S.  This is some fabric for a potential project.  I loved the stylized bushes and carnival rides.

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