Big Rings, Big Love


Last weekend, our friends and us headed to the most crazy shopping experience alive–The Lohu Train Station here in Shenzhen.  This place will make your head spin.   "Missy, Missy, Missy!" they yell out to you as you walk down the halls by all the stores.  Botch and I wondered around inside (you know if the place makes you nuts, it makes your husband a kagillion times nuts) and then outside for some fresh air.  We made our way back into the wasp’s nest to the jewelry market.  I have to say he did quite well.  We picked out these rings, bought some carved eggs and that was about it.  You know how I love loud rings and these are so different than anything I have.  I’ve had so many people say, "I don’t think I could wear a ring like that"  And I say, "yes you can, rock your style for Pete’s sake!"  Right?  Life’s too short, not to. 

Rocker is smooshed up against my back here on the couch as I write this.  Spring is here, but it’s still a bit cold in our marble ice box of an apartment.  Botch is out in factory land tonight trialling a mold, so it’s just the Rock-man and me.  I’ve got a conference call to make here in a half hour to my editor and the art director of my book.  Did I tell you I started a second book?  I’m so excited!  More later…


  1. oooooh, Miss Candie: all of those neat shapes would make awesome molds….mmmmmm!
    Inky Hugs, Robin

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