Home Alone…


Home alone working today and I had to stop and laugh at myself…  I needed to do some drilling and as of late, I’ve not been wearing my safety glasses.  Do I think I’m invisible to shards of plastic and metal flying at my eyes?  Or maybe I’ve just been living here too long where saftey quite possibly comes "last."  So today when I picked up my drill tool, the thought "you’ll shoot your eye out" popped right into my head.  I put the tool down and reached for the safety glasses, only I had no idea where they were.  I know!  My new "Arsenal" sunglasses will work (ask me if I even knew that designer name before moving here).  They worked like a charm, so good that I forgot to take them off until an hour later!  That’s when I took the picture.  Poor thing can’t help herself.


  1. Be careful with BB guns to
    1 dg here this morning

  2. You are one crazy lady.

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