Home Sweet Home…


It seemed like a brilliant idea to sit in front of the movie screen on the plane ride home.  A little bit of leg room, full screen view—makes sense.  Although, that was when I was booking my tickets while sitting on my couch.  Little did I know my legs couldn’t stretch all the way out in front of me.  I also thought the flight home would be around 11 hours. Nope, the captain came on the speaker and said, "our total flight time today will be 14 hours and 52 minutes."  I turned to the girl next to me and said, "what did he just say?!?"  I love direct flights, but eeesh, that was a long time!  I’m pretty sure I was seeing mirages of Lazy Boy chairs and my very own Starbucks barista.  Thank the Lord for all the free magazines I picked up at CHA! 

The trip was all worth it start to finish.  I got to catch up with everyone and meet so many new and exciting people.  I came home to a lovely bouquet of flowers—thank you Butchy.


And a very relieved pup—he’s never thrilled when the pack splits up.


This dog makes our hearts melt.  I can hear all your gagging noises, but I don’t care!  When I got home, Rocker was scampering and hopping about (doing the happy dance, as we say).  I even got a few yelps of joy.  I set my suitcase down and then my purse and turned around to find Rocker perched on top of my suitcase-tail wagging looking straight up at me.  I could go on, but it’s time to make the donuts….

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