Heartsy and Artsy Idea #1


I’ve been knee deep in thinking about book ideas, CHA samples, rearranging and organizing our apartment, and leaving for home in a week.  Actually, knee deep doesn’t describe it, but whatever! 

In honor of the fast approaching Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d share some Heartsy Artsy Ideas over the next few weeks.  I love this holiday because you can make whimsical treats to surprise friends and family.  Here’s idea #1… 

Last night, I was looking for some beads and I came across these pinky red sparkly crystal-y ones that I had forgotten all about!  (Don’t you love it when that happens?)  These little beauties really were the perfect sidekick to the silver heart beads I picked up in Hong Kong last week.  I added in some orange 4mm beads–love that pink and orange combo!  It took me about 20 minutes of stringing and fussing to get the size right.  Here comes my favorite part though, finishing the ends.  I tried out Beadalon’s EZ (TM) crimp clasp ends for the first time.  Yes Virginia, there really is an easy way to finish the ends of beading wire.  "Easy" doesn’t begin to describe it.  Fast and awesome!


Love Token Delivery Idea:  Cover a white card in a pretty piece of paper.  Lay the bracelet on the card and poke holes on opposite sides of the bracelet.  Thread pretty ribbon down through the hole and back up through the other hole and tie the bracelet in place.  Write a note, slip in envelope, and drop it in your friend’s mailbox.  I promise she’ll love the surprise.


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