Oooo Baby, it’s cold in here!

Today was a good day.  We had a note from the post office to tell us we had a parcel waiting.  Botch had to go into work so Rocker and I strolled over to the PO.  Little did we know that the package was at the other branch which is 6 or 7 blocks away.  Now the last time I had a package we walked to the far away branch first only to find out it was at the closer branch.  I’m sure it says where it is on the slip, but I can’t read it.  Rocker was loving it because we walked and walked and walked.  Finally, got the package and oh, boy!  2 magazines from Katie!  It was meant to be because I ran out of the house before drinking my coffee and all the way home I thought how lovely it will be to drink coffee and look at these; Dec. issue of Simply Beads Magazine and the new Make It Mine.  Somewhere in the middle we may have treated ourselves to a bouquet of flowers.  I immediately fixed said cup of coffee and savored every sip and fabulous page turned.  Thank you Katie! 


This afternoon I chipped away at some work and squeezed in these earrings.  Sweet Snowflakes in honor of us not having heat in our apartment.  Did I tell you that? Yep, no heat and boy has it been cold the past few days.  You would laugh in my face if I told you the temperature compared to other parts of the world, but it feels very cold.  I even bought Rocker a jacket, specifically a letter jacket that reads "Beijing 2008" across the back.  It’s a hair too big so I roll up the sleeves.  He looks like a nut and I’m pretty sure he knows it because he wears it for oh, 5 minutes to please me and then gradually his two paws escape, then shoulders, then belly and so on.  I put it on him the other day because he was shivering and then he started hopping and dancing around like a rabbit because he thought we were going outside.  I later had the realization he started shivering so I would pet him.  So dramatic.

Here are the earrings in aqua…


Apparently, most apartments don’t have heaters here.  I guess we lucked out in our old apartment because it did. Hmph.  And don’t you love it when you bundle up like it’s 10 below to go outside only to find out it’s warmer than in your apartment?  Oh yeah, we’ve looked like a couple of dandies a time or two here recently.  I do love the cold and dreary days, perfect inspiration for hunkering down and creating something bright and fun. 

Sweet (and simple) Snowflake Earring components:

  • 4mm Swarovski Crystals in Comet (love that name)
  • Shell charms/tags from Fire Mountain Gems and Beads
  • Snowflake sequins
  • Envirotex Lite (this stuff changed my life)

I think-now I’m saying I think you could use the 3-D glaze stuff over the snowflakes too, but I’ve not tried it myself.  This is just a thought that maybe a tad faster in terms of drying time.  Let me know if you give it a go.

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