This is what Christmas morning looks like for Candie and Butch, the Expats.  We called home so we could talk to everyone at my family’s Christmas eve party.  It was fun to hear the background hustle and bustle with chatter and whispers of what Santa was bringing.   That night we did the same thing, calling Butch’s family.  I can’t really describe what it’s like to spend Christmas away from home…or any holiday for that matter.  I did the same thing for 26 years until I moved here.  Will it ever feel normal?  I hope not.  It was easier this year, but I’m too sentimental to do this every year.  And besides, my Gram informed me I was coming home next year.  Don’t question Grandma.


This is my dog on Christmas present crack.  By the second box, Rocker expected to find a gift or two for him in every box.  He even took to one of my toys from my Grandpa!  I hid it and he found it the next night!  Unbelievable.  I have pictures of him with his head buried deep down trying to sniff out his next present. Thank you everyone who sent Rocker presents.  He says he loves you even more.  He also said to me, "Grandpa needs to send over another panda Bear for you because this one is now mine."  I’d show you a picture of Panda, but it’s too painful.


All the while this week, I’ve been needle felting.  This is my clean kitchen table that I promised myself I wouldn’t craft at anymore.  That idea lasted about ten minutes.  I hope you’re all having fun playing with your new crafty toys and such.

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