Christmas Kitsch Ch!na Style…


C’mon, you know you want one!  Do you love these bazaar little Santas with exagerated pink boots?  I’ve never seen anything like them.  A couple weeks ago, my friends and I took a trip to the "tree farm".  We were all feeling a little low on holiday cheer.


There wasn’t any spiced cider, but the spirit was definitely present.  Every square inch of space was filled with something tinsel-y.  We had so much fun sifting through the goods.  And don’t you love it when your face hurts from smiling and giggling?!?! 



The rest of the elves…   

We jammed the van full of trees, baubles, and cheer then giddily headed for a festive lunch.  Thank you girls for a very fun day.


  1. Looks like so much fun! Hope you bought some pink-booted Santas. Are you going to glue a bottle of beer in his hand? Must be why he’s so jolly…

  2. Ms. Cooper
    I want a pink booted Santa so bad…
    Ms. Potter

  3. Hi, Candie – long time, not in touch! I didn’t know about this blog, and was so happy to find you again. I would have LOVED a visit to this place – and I agree, the pink-booted Santas are amazing. Beer, though . . . Wha?!?!?!?
    Happy Holidays,
    Sister Diane

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